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Movie DVD Maker is a free DVD Authoring Software for you to Convert Video to DVD. Supports converting almost all formats of video files to make DVD. So you can convert AVI to DVD, MPEG to DVD, etc. This free software also provides advanced video editing feature. If you want to burn the videos downloaded from internet, recorded by DVC or webcam, or any other your favorite video onto DVD disk and enjoy it on home DVD player, Movie DVD Maker is your best choice.


  • Convert different formats of video to DVD, such as AVI to DVD, MPEG to DVD.
  • Support almost all video formats.
  • Play source video instantly when adding the video.
  • Enable user to cancel conversion at anytime, even during the conversion.
  • Support embedding subtitles onto video to create subtitled DVD movie.
  • Convert videos to a DVD folder, so that you can burn it to DVD disk at any other time.

System Requirements :

  • Windows Vista/98/ME/2000/XP/2003.
  • Intel PII processor or above.
  • 128Mb of RAM or above.

Publisher : Visit Website


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  1. Works better then Windows DVD Maker but interms of adding subtitles or menu’s forget it this is a simple mp4 or other basic video file burner. You want better get Roxio but this is proberly the best freeware ive seen (there aren’t many).

  2. bup files are only a problem if your copying form dvd to dvd this program is for when you download a film form bot torrent for example in AVI or MP4 format and then add the file to the program it then converts from size (MB) or (GB) to time 2hr 47 mins or 1hr 30mins depending on the size of disc you using then you make your changes to the dvd Title etc.. and then burn it on to disc it will then play in all dvd players as avi files only play in a few select dvd players. Usung a dvd movie maker also make the dvd look more professional as the software that comes with windows 7 for making dvd movies allows you to change the apperaence of the menu by adding pictures changin text and adding music it will then publish it for preview it will flash between scenes from the movie you have chosen while playing the music you have added to your dvd movie making it seem more like a real dvd most of these types of software are fairly staright forward to use.

  3. i used it and my dvd player will not play the dvd, it doesnt create BUP files so dont download it

  4. HI I TRYED SOTHINK dvd maker it worked weii a few times
    but then it would not burn to dvd! it worked great at first.

    thank you for your time.

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