LimeWire Music


LimeWire Music let you download fast and securely all kind of media files over the internet. Working with it, takes no time, it has a clean interface for easy interact. Built-in technology offer maximum download speed and very secure file sharing.


  • Advanced connection features.
  • Tabbed interface.
  • Built-in library to easy organize downloaded files.
  • Bandwidth monitoring and control.
  • Interface is nice and easy to use.

System Requirements :

  • Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP.
  • Internet connection.

Publisher : Visit Website


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  1. Easy for use, speed very good . I like it!

  2. It`s the best Limewire alternative.
    Has a friendly interface, and from what I`ve noticed it also offers better speeds!

  3. Got it, it works great, good download speeds, search results are somehow poor but I guess that depends on my connection to peers.

    For those having problem installing it, make sure you have Java installed on your pc, otherwise it won’t work. Cheers

  4. I’am very happy.This program is awesom,works great,it’s clean.

  5. Great functionality, fantastic speeds, and very easy to operate.
    A better and improved version of Limewire, highly recommended!

  6. I downloaded it too…..and I couldnt get past the installment….it just refused to do anything…..what gives?

  7. Great software, a top Limewire alternative.
    Works impeccably and the speed is good.


  9. I hope this isnt true says:

    i hope this isnt true i am jus nw downloading it when i seen those comments but kan i get the music to dowload on my windows media player then burn it to a cd???????????????????????????????? Please write back!!!!!!!!

  10. I just downloaded limewire pro, and agree, you can not access and part of program, what is the problem???

  11. I believe if you can refrain from making such childish accusations at each other, you may need to check your firewall or your anti-virus software. You just may find, that, could be the main problem with your getting it to work. I have put limewire on many computers, and have NEVER had a problem.

    ps: Grow Up.

  12. i can”t get in to limewire. what a mess

  13. this iz a piece of shit i kan download nuttin no music or anytin i downloaded thiz crap and itz not even workin…soo people dont waste your time trust me u dont want 2…

  14. This is not the real limewire, it is full of spyware and virus. Dont download it!

  15. this is bs dude i downloaded limewire pro n i cant get anything to come up when i push search its pretty gay considering i paid 22 dollars n nothing is happening

  16. if lime wire is not working, try to delete it from your PC and download it again, thats wat i think, UNZA MONK

  17. this is crap

  18. i hear your group from a friend….i neve down load your music.

  19. Hey guys…i downloaded Lime Wire and its not working it says “Cannot find the main class program will exit.” what do i do? please help me.

  20. I have paid for and downloaded limewire and now I can’t get anything but frustrated.

  21. I have limewire downloaded and I CANT GET IN!!!!!what gives?????

  22. i really dont like this because i got the Live Wire downloaded and now ive tried EVERYTHING but i cant figure out how to get into they thing shown at the top cuz my friend got on the same one so please send me something back that tells how to get into it

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