Free WMV to AVI MPEG Converter


Free WMV to AVI MPEG Converter is an easy utility for converting Windows Media files (WMV and ASF) to AVI, MPEG video formats with high speed and good quality.

Free WMV to AVI MPEG Converter can convert batches of WMV, ASF files to AVI, MPEG files at one time. It has a built-in video splitter, which can cut the source WMV, ASF file and convert only part of the file to AVI, MPEG format.

And it is an easy-to-use program, which helps you to convert WMV, ASF to AVI, MPEG quickly and easily.

Features :

  • Can convert wmv to avi, wmv to mpeg, asf to avi, asf to mpeg.
  • Supports any AVI codec installed on your system. Supports MPEG1 and MPEG2 mpg file formats.
  • Can set output video quality, framrate, video size, audio format, audio quality and channels.
  • Supports multithreading and batch conversion.
  • Built-in video splitter to cut/split video files for converting.
  • Can set output directory and open it automatically when conversion completes.
  • Excellent output quality and easy to use.

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  1. Further to my last post, try instead Pazera free mp4 to avi, it handles wmv and is twice as good and really is free!!.

  2. This program worked for me many times on xp prior to demanding a reg code, no virus probs many so called anti-virus programs wrongly identify as virus program sub routines that are safe, particularly in games I suggest you get a good anti virus like avast or avira both free and try these.

  3. Hi , converter doesn’t start with Win7 Home Premium 32 Bit ServicePack1.
    Any bugfixes available?

  4. hi all
    ive downloaded this program today 09/02/11
    used it more then 5 times allready works a treat.
    had to download it to convert wmv file to avi for a program called
    registax 5 and its the only program ive fopund that converts it well enough for registax to use

  5. stupid program!

  6. Won't Get Fooled Again says:


    I spent the minutes to download this; then 23 (TWENTY-THREE) minutes to perform (its alleged) conversion from .wmv to .avi

    When I went to find the converted file… IT DIDN’T EXIST! – Not in the converted files folder; not in any location on my computer! All I’m trying to do is convert a home-made family photo album movie.

    Do I really deserve this run-around?

  7. I converted the file and it said it would save it in this file and it didn’t, this program is retarded.

  8. Nirmal Sharma says:

    this is not good software because my computer found virus in this software.

  9. Siddiqui says:

    a very good converter
    try it

  10. Rar password?

  11. coughcool says:

    using vista, and so far so good. got 5 videos converted, all gone into the destination folder fine.

  12. Installed with no errors, and worked on first use flawlessly. Every subsequent time I run it, however, it just displays an error. Haven’t been asked to register or anything, but it won’t work anymore – even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same error.

    Windows 7 64-bit


  14. Veerendra Singh says:

    Downloaded program, only to find out that I didn’t actually need it. However, worked without a hitch. Excelent program for anyone who needs it. (I’m on an XP, so IDK yet about a vista.)

  15. This file wmv2avi.exe has a trojan program in it as checked by Kaspersky anti-virus program! Check it yourself with anti-virus software you trust and see for yourself. I’ve downloaded this program from CNET, same file name and size, CNet was also saying “No Spyware” now I’ll be careful to take freeware from there too…

  16. Guitarjay says:

    My Anti Virus software (Sophos Corporate) wouldn’t even let me install this software. As it began to unpack prior to installing itself, Sophos deleted something it didn’t like and that was the end of the, the install failed.

    I’d give this one a miss if were you!

    And by the way – anyone who thinks this is ‘clean’ is either on their payroll, or should visit – download it for free and do a thorough spyware and malware scan of your PC.

  17. program fails. it took my wmv and gave me an avi with only audio. the picture was gone. i should have listened to the other reviews. this fails.
    using xp pro.

  18. MCFleetwood says:

    What a wonderful program – I had not a bit of trouble with it!!

    I needed a quick file changer and happened into this site. I have used it 3times, and have not been asked to register it.

    I am VISTA – I wasn’t scamed and haven’t been rip-ed off.
    Saved me time!! MC

  19. Hey.. it’s help my job thanks!
    By the way.. what it mean the application just a ‘scam’?

  20. This seemed to work–but put no files in output folder. Waste of time.

  21. i forgot to mention… im not vista. is it not vista compatible??

  22. hey. i downloaded it but it returns error every time i choose a WMV file to convert :( any solutions??

  23. not so good and the video image is not good as before

  24. Hey guys i don’t know what your talking about i just downloaded it. 09/12/09 and its working fine. I run the vista 64bit edition operating system and i have converted twice now for free so i dunno. You guys nearly made me uninstall it without trying it……..

  25. This software is a scam. It is NOT FREE!!! And, it does not work with Vista. Don’t even think of using it…

  26. worked once for free. Now it’s a pay for. Simple. Remove it and get a free one.

  27. Although it installed on Vista Home Basic it refused to work at all.
    Just have to uninstall it!

  28. what a rip off… you do not get this for free. Just a scam and its loaded with spyware. Just move on to something else.

  29. Its not free – you need register it for $ 19.95

  30. This Free WMV to AVI MPEG Converter is better than FormatFactory 1.55. Video quality is better….

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