Free DVD Ripper


Free DVD Ripper is a very useful tool, which allows you to rip DVD movies, convert DVD VOB-files to one VCD, SVCD, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG 2, MPEG4, AVI file. Easy to use, friendly interface, useful features!

Features :

  • Easy to use. It’s pleasant and simple for both beginners and advanced users. The ripper gives you much more opportunities to use it as you want as there are a great plenty of settings you can modify.
  • High ripping speed. It takes you the least time to work with it as Free DVD Ripper rips your DVDs with the great speed (your CPU is fully used in this case). Now time is not a problem!
  • Excellent image and sound quality. You can get any movie formats you want with the best quality.

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  1. I found out that Free DVD Ripper 2.25 doesn’t work if you install Xvid Encoder. I tried three versions of Xvid Encoder: Xvid-1.1.3, Xvid-1.2.1 and Xvid-1.2.2. None of them didn’t allow Free DVD Ripper 2.25 to work. I’m having operating system XP sp3 now, but before I used to have XP sp2 and Ripper worked fine but I can’t remember if I had instaled Xvid Encoder, so I’m not sure where is the problem now.

  2. Resolution settings considering bit rate and size of movie pictures
    at MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD) and WMV (Windows Media Video) compressions.

    -pictures size – 4:3 (1.3333) – old TV format

    288 × 216 = min. 160 Kbps
    320 × 240 = min. 200 Kbps
    384 × 288 = min. 300 Kbps
    480 × 360 = min. 500 Kbps
    576 × 432 = min. 800 Kbps
    ->640 × 480 = min. 1000 Kbps –> recommended
    672 × 504 = min. 1150 Kbps
    720 × 540 = min. 1400 Kbps
    768 × 576 = min. 1650 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    ? 800 × 600 = min. 1850 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    864 × 648 = min. 2200 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    960 × 720 = min. 2800 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    1024 × 768 = min. 3300 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).

    -pictures size – 3:2 (1.5) – Layka format

    288 × 192 = min. 140 Kbps
    384 × 256 = min. 270 Kbps
    480 × 320 = min. 450 Kbps
    576 × 384 = min. 700 Kbps
    ->672 × 448 = min. 1000 Kbps –> recommended
    720 × 480 = min. 1250 Kbps
    768 × 512 = min. 1450 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    864 × 576 = min. 2000 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    960 × 640 = min. 2500 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    1024 × 682 = min. 3000 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).

    -pictures size – 16:9 (1.7777) – new TV format

    288 × 162 = min. 120 Kbps
    384 × 216 = min. 230 Kbps
    480 × 270 = min. 400 Kbps
    576 × 324 = min. 600 Kbps
    672 × 378 = min. 850 Kbps
    ->704 × 396 = min. 1000 Kbps –> recommended
    720 × 406 = min. 1100 Kbps
    768 × 432 = min. 1250 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    ? 854 × 480 = min. 1600 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    864 × 486 = min. 1750 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    960 × 540 = min. 2200 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    1024 × 576 = min. 2600 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).

    -pictures size – 47:20 (2.35) – cinema format

    352 × 150 = min. 140 Kbps
    432 × 184 = min. 230 Kbps
    512 × 218 = min. 350 Kbps
    592 × 252 = min. 500 Kbps
    672 × 286 = min. 650 Kbps
    ->720 × 306 = min. 800 Kbps –> recommended
    766 × 326 = min. 950 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    864 × 368 = min. 1300 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    960 × 408 – min. 1700 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).
    1024 × 436 = min. 2000 Kbps –> (This resolution doesn’t work on DVD players).

    Kbps (Kilo bits per second) = Kbit/s

    Bit rates at MPEG-2 compression multiply by 2,
    at MPEG-1 multiply by 3.

    Video files which are bigger than 2Gbit, most likely won’t be played to the end
    on DVD players, so it’s recommended to avoid doing such a video file.

    Nice Regards from Slovenia.

  3. For the most part this program works great, although it seems completely unable to rip Disney DVDs which is unfortunate since I will be travelling with my son soon. The only problem I have had is that with a lot of the movies I rip the sound and video is slightly off, the lips are either slightly ahead or slightly behind the voices. Is there a setting that could fix this?

    For those of you that are having trouble finding the file afterwards the file is none.avi or none.mpg I believe. If you are using Vista or Windows 7 just go to the C:\ you will not see it, but there is a button at the top that says compatability view, click that and the file will show up. Rename it and you are good to go.

    For people who are having trouble getting the encryption to work because of frame rate, in the input settings, click the detect 24fps and the force 24fps, this worked for me.

  4. Great. Tested it and tested some more. Then, encoded then encoded some more. Not A single problem. ;|

  5. for those who cant find the files, it is usually under computer/C:

  6. This program is useless, it’s a repackaged DVDx 2.2, I
    attempted to rip a DVD which has a problem. First thing I don’t like
    is the idiots who created this program want to encode to
    340X280, anybody who rips a video that small needs to be beat to death.

    The program keeps whining about the input and output frame
    rage don’t match, but there no fucking way to correct this.

    I did a short three min test and the audio is all over the
    place, it’s chopped up, now you hear it and now you don’t, tipical
    problem of this program. Been there, done that.

    I’m not going to waste any more time bitching about this
    software, it was free and I got what I paid for, nothing.

    This form input sux too, it runs off the frame to the right
    and I can’t scroll over to read it, another idiot who doesn’t
    know HTML.

  7. The encoder works very well. Its relatively slow compared to others. Quality is not so good, but def good enough. For those that are scared off by the bad reviews don’t be. The file is findable as long as you give the file a specific path to go to, the others must have forgotten to do that, its a key to knowing where your files are. And I haven’t had spam or anything of that nature come from this program, Norton view it as a good program so no worries there. I would recommend trying if you can’t afford a real program.

  8. Hey Im trying to rip my Merlin DVDS but it will only rip the first episode, how do I get it to rip the second and thid and stuff???

  9. Ok, now every time I use it, it crashes without even opening and it says “Free DVD Ripper 2.7 has stopped working”.

    I have Win7 64-bit.

  10. it really works, although it takes some time ..
    the only problem I have is that I don’t know how to rip the subtitles as well. I would like to rip the english version with english subtitles.
    can anyone help me, please?

  11. John Winlow says:

    dvdripper 2.25 just has to be the crappiest programme pretending to copy dvds.
    There are no instructions
    No explanations
    No help.
    Even the youtube video nerd whistles through his explanation so fast that he might as well not have bothered.
    Think I’ll go for 1Clickdvd and DVD43.
    At least I know they work!

  12. can’t believe this is work.. thank’s

  13. Wonderful program! I needed something to help with my video camera which burns straight to DVD, and this worked!

  14. I’m new to DVD ripping. Does anyone have an suggestions at to what free software to download as none of them seem to work. I’m on Office 2007.


  15. can anyone help me with this everytime i try to open the software it keeps saying The usage period has expired, it gives me an address to download the new version, but th elink doesnt work, anyone knows something about it?

  16. Didn’t work for me, just said unable to read video_ts file or something, tried a couple of dvd’s and just said the same.

  17. Absolutely amazing!

  18. I downloaded this and it worked great and now for some reason it isn’t launching anymore. I have more movies I want to rip but it won’t come up, and yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and still nothing. Can anyone help me this was a great program until this happened.

  19. MissManicPanic says:

    It takes a while to rip almost real time, but AVG 2011 found no viruses and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware did not find Malware/Spyware so stop saying that. There is a YouTube video on this page detailing how to use the program. The default is PAL for UK users like me, if you cannot be bothered to change the settings I suggest not using a ripper at all because that is just pure laziness. It’s still ripping now and it’s The L Word season 5 disc 2 so yes it CAN get around copy protection people. I don’t even know who made the program so I can’t be from the company lol I just googled for a free dvd ripper because that shiz should be free. Sound lagging doesn’t bother me as the sound will be muted anyway as I use it to make videos with WMM for YouTube and projects. If you don’t like it don’t use it very simple. Don’t be ignorant and learn about codecs and ripping before spamming this page whining it doesn’t work, it makes you a lazy imbecile. Oh and use spellchecker and learn grammar it makes you look uneducated and chavvy.

  20. I tried to set the Output file as a sub-folder in My Documents but it insisted on putting the file in the C: root no matter what I did. I even tried to put it to the D: root with no luck.

    I set the IFO which found the 11 tracks I wanted to save but it seems to be saving only a single track. I’m waiting for it to finish to see what is left in the root …

  21. this program works great. ignore all the bad comments, some people just have NOT got a clue and probably don’t understand the software.
    it does the job perfectly providing you alter the resolution to that of a dvd you will NOT have issues.

  22. Not for Me says:

    Didn’t open dvd for me
    Windows 7 64bit
    dell insp. 560 pc

  23. nope just another program that doesnt do what it says…. doesnt rip the whole movie and if not connected to internet tells me it has run out of trial period…just more crap to sort through..

  24. It worked for me but i can’t figure out how to get it into itunes. Any suggestions?

  25. EightBitVideo says:

    It’s not a scam. It doesn’t ask for credit cards. It doesn’t have viruses, spyware, or adware. It saves a file to wherever you select it to save to (it’s right on the main screen under output folder.. pick a folder and a name). If it can’t rip a dvd the dvd is probably copyright protected. It should work just fine on vista since vista = beta 7 and it works just fine on windows 7.

    If your a fellow NTSC (american) user then you will have to go through and change quite a bit of the settings. It is not very easy for a non tech savy user to understand. I will help a little and say a DVD has a resolution of 720 by 480 with your fps output 29.97 so you will need to change all of that. The program does work it also does freeze up a lot (just close the program and re-open) when you are trying to make adjustments. I haven’t had it freeze while converting though. I also haven’t had it say my trial is over yet but if it does I imagine I’d fully delete the program maybe release and renew my IP if it actually went that far (doubtful) and redownload.

    Overall it’s not great but it’s free and does it’s job. If you aren’t comfortable using anything other than default settings you should look for something more user friendly. If you are fully capable of configuring software or you want a challenge this works just fine.

    Just to restate this. Default settings of this will likely not work or you will get bad quality results. There are no easy settings it is all tech talk. So for the non techs heres a way around it.
    Plug in your DVD. Go to My Computer. Right Click on your DVD Drive Icon. Select Open. It should have some folders saying something like video_rm and video_ts open the video_ts folder. There should be VOB files in there with some big file sizes. Click on those and drag those out to your desktop or whatever folder you want those saved to. Those are the actual movie files and they should be playable in windows media player. If not VLC media player works with almost anything. If you’d like to still convert it to a more recognized encoding format open up windows movie maker and drag those VOB files from wherever you saved them to and drop them in windows movie maker. Click at the top and you will have an option to save movie pick a computer and it will re-encode it in WMV format which should make it a lot easier to get to whatever format you really want. Or you could click the burn to dvd option whatever you’d like.

  26. It worked great but is no longer running properly for me, when I start the program it appears on my taskbar but I can’t get the window up, I have tried reinstalling it but it still isn’t working :(

  27. Works good. Make sure your output setting is set to NTSC, and the output should be set for MPEG2 if you are getting the “frame-rate” message. You can convert it to something else later…

  28. This thing is a scam. It does not work. Installed on windows XP. It ‘Cannot read from’ my DVD… of course the files on the DVD come up perfectly fine. Fake program…

  29. Phoenix2312 says:

    Back once more – Final Tests:


    Ease of use – 8/10
    Speed – 9/10
    Output Quality – 8/10
    Overall – 8/10

    Good Quality but does hog processor so do NOT RUN OTHER APPS AT SAME TIME! SIMPLE!

    NB: Not tested with Copy Protected DVD’s – Be sensible! It probably WILL NOT get thorugh Copy Protection… What do you expect for freeware?

  30. Phoenix2312 says:

    Have downloaded and tested following a scratch a fave film – Quick System Rundown:

    Intel Dual Core 2 Duo, 3GB Mem running Windows Vista

    Avast! Anti Virus – No Viruses/Spyware
    Spybot S&D – No Spyware

    Just for the few comments claiming otherwise – This Download IS CLEAN!

    As for Performence – Stopped responding at 10.3%

    Will test again and report back.

  31. George Burns says:

    It works better than Format Factory!

  32. Ive had it for about 2 months but its saying that the trial is expired. I dont get it, its a FREE ripper. Excellent software though

  33. just keep getting no ifo file message.

    this program may or may not be easy to use for those with at least some basic knowledge of DVD ripping.

    But for anyone else it is not… especially with the lack of a manual or any kind of FAQ.

  34. Finding the destination file! I had the same problem after the
    encoding was finished. I finally found it on my Windows 7
    computer by clicking search mode, entering C:/ then
    found the file. It is marked “NONE”. To make it easier to
    find after that, I sent the file to my documents, then
    gave it the title of the movie. I’m burning it on my DVD
    Styler right now, but the minimum I could get it to burn
    was 141 minutes for a 90 minute movie. I’ll to some
    tweaking to try and hopefully get it down to arond 96
    minutes (higher bit rate and better quality).

  35. Works fine

    Try harder or get a new computer because its not the program.

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