DVD43 is a free decrypter. This site will help you find DVD43 so you don’t have to pay money for a decrypter. At the bottom of this page you will find links to several sites which host DVD43, a list of software that works well with DVD43 and a list of DVD copy review sites in case you are looking for a DVD copy program. DVD43.com does not host DVD43 and is not affiliated with the authors of DVD43.

DVD43 decrypts DVD movies. DVD43 only works on Win2K and WinXP. If you have Win98 or WinME, use DVD Decrypter (use ‘Mode’ ‘File’) which allows you to rip all the files of a DVD to your hard drive and then copy with your favorite copy software.

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  1. Need a decryptor for Windows 7 – 64 bit. ..Any suggestions?

  2. DVD43 does not work with Windows 7 64 bit for sure. I am using DVDFab8 to decrypt DVD’s. Load Video & Audio to hard drive and I burn using 1clickdvdcopy. I have had no problems, except when copying Criminal Minds Season 5. I get a red ‘X’ pop-up box from 1clickdvdcopy. Their support cannot answer why. They told me to use DVD43 instead, but look at my first sentence.

    FYI DVDDecrypter is good, but as far as I know, it no longer supplies updates and not maintained.



  5. I’m also hoping for a 64-bit compatible DVD43.

  6. when will dvd43 update be available for win 7 64 bit?

  7. dvd43 works with 1 click copy pro on windows 7 32 bit email me if you need help mark

  8. Thank you, Sherri [comment #23]!!

    I went to: http://mrbass.org/dvdrip/#rce and installed DVDDecrypter . It took me a little bit to figure it out but once I did, IT WORKED! I recently bought a 64-bit Windows 7 laptop and I was going crazy trying to find a good alternative to DVD43.

    Sherri, you saved me time and I really appreciate your effort in all of the details that you provided in your comment. Also, if I need to copy HDs or Blue Rays in the future, I am going to consider the SlySoft AnyDVD HD software.

  9. I’m operating a dual-boot with Win XP and Windows 7 32-Bit RC. DVD43 works fine on both OS’s, but, again, I’m running 32-Bit. One thing I will say is that DVD43 slowed down my computer’s boot time into Windows 7 quite noticeably. It did not seem to have the same effect in XP.

  10. anyDVD has a free trial of their software available. I just installed it on Windows 7 64. I have used 1 click for many years and since DVD43 is not 64 bit compatable, I needed an alternative. So far I have not had any issues using anyDVD with 1 Click’s latest update. In fact it allowed me to do a copy that had failed using DVD43 on XP Pro.

  11. When will a version that works with Windows 7 x64 be available?

  12. I’ve tried looking for dvd43 that is copatible to windows 7. Does any one have any idea what will work with both win7 and 1click?

  13. Juan Carlos Vargas says:

    Hi, it seems that Dvd43 is not compatible with Windows Vista 64 bit. Do you have any solution?

    Thank you

  14. To all of you asking the same question that I had for only about 3 hours: DVD43 does not work with vista or window 7 64bit.

    I hit a few other forums to read the same thing–that the only thing out there for 64 bit is a few decrypters you can download for a trial and then you have to pay: ie. Anydvd(79.99 us $$), DVDFab, etc. Some have said that they have looked and looked for a free decrypter and can’t find one!

    After 2 hours of reading different forums to get the same exact information over and over I spent about 1 hour searching for a free dvd decrypter and found one that has worked for 4 different dvds(2 older ones and 2 younger ones) so far with my program 1 click dvd.

    go to: http://mrbass.org/dvdrip/#rce

    for the DVDDecrypter it is free. Just click on the bolder blue “SetupDVDDecrypter_3.5.4.0.exe” [879kb] near the top of the page under the DVD Next Copy ad.

    You do have to copy it to a Video_TS folder on your computer which it creates for each movie and you can delete it once you close down the decrypter and your dvd copying program. I just had it put the folder under my computer(C:/…) and it gives it the name of the movie.

    I will say it takes a bit longer to decrypt the dvd’s than dvd43 did but it was worth it because for some reason 1 click dvd takes less time to copy the movie to my own dvd.

  15. I am using dvd42 with 1click dvd copy 5. I am having trouble copying Tinkerbell the Lost Treasure. Everything is up to date. I have tried everything I know. I have even tried other programs but they are even worse.When it is copying It takes several minutes to copy the first 3% and then it skips to 6% and then to 24% and then 36% then the tray opens up and it says it is ready to write movie to disc. It will not copy. Can you please help me.

  16. Levin Barrett says:

    Any DVD works pretty well with my Vista 64 bit laptop but you will need to pay for it – it’s not expensive but it’s not free. I am using it in conjunction with 1 click dvd. The only glich is you must exit Any DVD just prior to putting the blank disc in for burning otherwise Any dvd tries to decript it and it all locks up.

  17. I read the comments and see that I have the exact same issue. DVD43 is not compatible with Vista 64 bits, but for the life of me I can not find a software that will work. What is the equivalent of DVD43 for my computer (64 bits)?

  18. won’t work with Windows 7 x64 either. Future or other?

  19. Has anyone found a program to work with Vista 64 bits?

  20. Did you find a program like DVD43 to use with your 64 bits?

  21. Just got a new lap top and i downloaded DVD43 and it says its not compatible with 64 bit windows edition. I can see others have the same problem. Does anybody know another program that works?

  22. i have the same problem as others i have windows vista 64 bit edition. do you recomend any other decrypter?

  23. J. Fantini says:

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit edition. Dvd43 works with Win2k and WinXP. Dvd43 is not compatible with 64 bit and I can’t even download and install it. What can I do? Are there any downloads that you could recomend other than Dvd43 that would be compatable with Windows Vista Premium 64 bit edition?

  24. Tim Lange says:

    Unfortunately this looks to be a known issue with dvd43 being incompatible with windows vista 64-bit or 64-bit operating systems altogether. I am having the same issues as above as I am running windows vista home premium 64-bit. Your product sounds like it would be the perfect solution to my issue. Please let me know your suggestion for an alternate software for use in this system. Thanks

  25. l have the same problem with mr. shelton #10 comments. thanks

  26. l have the same problem with chester shelton #10. l have window vista 64 bit edition. dvd43 works only with 32 bit system.what’s your recommendation other than dvd43? thanks

  27. Chester Shelton says:

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit edition. Dvd43 works with Win2k and WinXP. Dvd43 is not compatible with 64 bit. What can I do? Are there any downloads that you could recomend other than Dvd43?


    Chester Shelton

  28. Can anyone help me, I have a vista 64bit and want to find a program to download for movies

  29. Debra Hammond says:

    Have used DVD43 for some time now and always updating 1Click DVDCopy 5.

    Now out of the blue after it reads the disks and then starts to write to the disk, I get the error that the movie is encrypted. NO KIDDING!!


  30. when trying to copy it keeps rejecting and saying put a blank disk in

  31. 1. DVD43 ver. 4.00 Sometimes causes my computer to lockup and I have to disconnect from the AC/Battery to restart my computer. What is causing this problem? Any quesses?

    Anything I can do?

    2. Can DVD43 be used on a stand alone DVD duplicator. Because of the above problem I am considering buying a 1-1 duplicator. Any sugggestions on a duplicator?

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  32. When I try to copy a movie using the dvd43 I get a message saying that this version is not compatable with win9x. What is 9x? I have windows xp, how do I get it to work with my software which is Icopydvd2? Please respond as soon as possible, as I need this program to backup my movies.RCBaden

  33. i have win ultimate 2007 tell me what can i do, please

  34. Glenn Furukawa says:

    I also get the message that I must download the driver. I have windows vista and ICOPYDVD2.
    How do I fix this?

  35. frank wiliams says:

    please tell me why every time I download DVD43 and try to use it with 1 click DVD copy 5 a message comes up that states i have to install a driver. I downloaded the DVD43 4 times and i am getting the same error.

  36. has worked for me please support the people that made this program available for free

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