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DeskBot is a free, multi-featured Clipboard Reader, Text Reader, Time Announcer, Desktop Application for Microsoft Windows featuring Microsoft Agent Animated, Talking Characters.

Features :

  • Accessible: Ability to select any text in any application and press Ctrl+C to have it read. Right-Click Character or on the DeskBot icon in the System Tray for a popup menu of available commands and options.
  • Read Clipboard: Read the contents of the Windows Clipboard when changed, by pressing Ctrl+C from any application, or when character is double-clicked.
  • Announce Time: Announce the current Time at selected intervals.
  • Read Text: Text Files, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets
  • Startup Greetings : For a personal touch.Customizable: Select your favorite Character, TTS (Text-to-Speech) Engine, Language, Voice, Pitch, Speed, Balloon Font, Balloon Style and more.
  • Startup Options: Start with Windows, Hide in Tray.
  • Internet Explorer Menu Add-In: DeskBot adds a ‘Read with DeskBot’ item to the Internet Explorer popup menu (when you right-click on a web page). The character, voice, language, balloon, and other advanced options can be customized.
  • FREE! Fully Functional, No Nags, No Ads, No Spyware.

Publisher : Visit Website


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